To Outsource or Not Outsource?

Mergers, acquisitions, and competitive issues trigger rebranding every day. Whether it’s a new name, new logo, or other visual elements, it’s still a brand change.

Since most companies only go through such a big transition every few years, it can be tough to find employees on your team with brand conversion experience.

That’s why companies frequently outsource rebranding projects that involve physical assets—removing and replacing signs on buildings, offices, and retail stores, and vehicle graphics on corporate and fleet vehicles—to experts like Implementix.

Who should handle your brand rollout? How far in advance should you start planning your brand rollout? How should we measure KPIs? These are the kinds of questions C-level executives ask us all the time. People don’t know what they don’t know, and while some corporate executives have experience leading a nationwide brand rollout, it’s even rarer to find an internal team with experience in the trenches of a complex brand rollout.

Here are a few red flags that mean it’s time you should consider outsourcing your brand rollout to specialists:

  • Deadlines are critical.
  • You have an aggressive budget to meet.
  • Your team lacks complex brand implementation experience.
  • Your team is understaffed.
  • You don’t have processes or physical  brand management software in place to handle the brand rollout.
  • You don’t have a comprehensive, up-to-date database of brand touchpoints.
  • You have received change orders and upcharges from suppliers in the past.

While the design phase is easy to define and visually assess (e.g., which logo do we like best?), the brand implementation phase is far more abstract to someone who hasn’t done it before.

Even brand rollout questions are too general: How much will it cost? Can’t we just replace the old signs with new ones? How long does it take to convert our fleet vehicles from our old brand to our new brand?

Brand rollout experts ask more precise questions. Where are our fleet vehicles located? Who “owns” each vehicle—fleet management or operations? What year, make, and model is each one? What color? What branding currently appears on each vehicle? When is the vehicle in service, so we can avoid disrupting customers and employees?

Outsourcing the brand rollout to experts is no different than outsourcing other operations to specialists like accounting, legal, or graphic design firms. When it comes to your brand, what you don’t know can hurt you.

Still not convinced? We’ve broken down the benefits of outsourcing in our blog post “6 Reasons to Outsource Rebranding Implementation

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To Outsource or Not Outsource?

Mergers, acquisitions, and competitive issues trigger rebranding every day. Whether it’s a new name, new logo, or other visual elements, it’s still a brand change.

Implementix Team Dec 8 2018

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