Branch Rebranding: One Size Does Not Fit All

Rebranding your bank or credit union branches is complicated. Take it from us. If you overlook fundamentals like logistics and data accuracy, you’re opening yourself up to blown budgets and missed deadlines.

Standardize and Streamline Production Processes

When planning a rebranding project, companies often use the RFP process to select vendors and contain costs. While this process can save time and money when the company is buying employee uniforms, it can do the exact opposite when rebranding facilities and banking equipment like ATMs. Unlike uniforms, where the variables are limited to gender (male or female) and size (small, medium, large, XL, XXL or XXXL), buildings and signs aren’t homogenous and the product-only approach doesn’t work.

That’s because there are many variations in signage materials, sizes and styles to consider as well as installation to consider. (One client of ours had 37 different combinations of sign size and material for example.) Add to that all of the other instances of a brand inside and outside the building, and we’re talking hundreds of unique executions for a branch.

“One size fits all” doesn’t work for facility graphics. Instead of creating a separate graphic for each of the unique execution, we recommend engineering to standardize and streamline the graphic design and production process.

Graphic engineering applies value- engineering principles to brand graphic design and production. For a bank rebranding project, that means looking for commonalities across all of the executions to create standardized graphics that work on multiple vehicle types.

To budget accurately, you need to do an audit of every occurance of the brand, the size, material, and installation process for each.  This kind of specificity will help you leverage economies of scale, so you can remove old graphics, and install new graphics in the most efficient way possible.

Most importantly, don’t rely on drawings of how brand graphics would appear on simulated facilities and equipment. Be sure to ask the right questions of potential vendors, or you could end up paying for gigantic graphics you can’t use.

Discover how Implementix can help you rebrand your bank and credit union branches efficiently and cost effectively.

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