Part II: How to Manage Your Physical Brand Activation Project (II)

Last week, we went over the importance of hiring the right vendors for your activation project. Don’t settle on hiring the first sign company that comes to mind!

Remember to research and interview sign manufacturers that can produce exactly what you’re looking for. Check out last week’s blog here.

Now that you’ve hired your supply chain, you want to create a realistic conversion timeline to complete your project by its end date. Perhaps you plan on having every branded asset at every location converted on day-one of your deal closing. Maybe you plan on doing a phased conversion by region or location priority. Whatever the case may be, always start with the end in mind.

Step 2: Start with the end in mind

First, we recommend you work backward from the completion date and identify benchmark stages throughout the conversion – think permitting, manufacturing, removal, and installation. If possible, begin the brand implementation at least 120 days in advance. By outlining how long each stage takes, you’ll be able to build a more accurate timeline.

Next, try to identify any surprises that may pop up – like bad weather, additional sign or graphics manufacturing, or unforeseen labor needs. Planning for these surprises in advance allow you to buffer extra time for the conversion as well.

Lastly, don’t forget to plan around your day-to-day business operations. Schedule the removal and installations during non-peak hours, on a day when your company is closed, or your vehicles are not being used. You want minimal interruptions with your customers!

Can you guess what the last step will be? Stay tuned for
step three of how to manage your brand activation project – create a
communication plan.

Author: Caylin Asehan
Created: 12/14/2017
Category: Brand Activation

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