Part II: How to Manage Your Physical Brand Activation Project

Remember this story? Your company recently announced it’s acquiring another and you’ll be doubling your physical presence.

You’re now faced with the responsibility of activating your brand on all the physical assets of the acquired company and you have absolutely no idea where to begin.

If you’ve been following along with this series, the planning for your physical brand activation project is complete! You have:

  • Documented the details of every physical asset needing to be converted,
  • Prioritized the visibility of your assets,
  • Picked the brand treatments that best fit your budget, and
  • Engineered drawings of your brand guidelines for vendor selection.

The hard part is done! Now that you have your plan in place, you’re ready to execute this project and complete your brand activation. But how? Where do you start?

Have no fear! Implementix is here to help you along the way! Executing and managing the physical activation can be a breeze if you pick the right vendors, map out your timeline, and have a communication plan in place. Follow along as we review the three steps for How to Manage Your Physical Brand Activation Project.

Author: Caylin Asehan
Created: 11/17/2017
Category: Brand Activation


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