Top 5 Planning To-Dos for Your Next Brand Change

Whether you’re going through a merger, acquisition, or brand refresh, executing a brand change can be a complicated task without proper planning.

Understanding what branded assets need to change, how long the brand rollout will take, and within what budget will the work be complete, makes for a complex project.

To ensure that your brand change is successful, we recommend using these five planning to-dos before the physical conversion takes place:

  1. Document the assets that need to be converted. This will include all branded items like interior/exterior signs, vehicles, uniforms, marketing materials, company swag, etc.
  2. Rank asset importance based on visibility and customer demographics. Highly ranked assets at locations with heavier foot traffic can use more brand awareness than those locations with a lesser customer base. Save money by reducing the costs of the lower ranked assets.
  3. Set a realistic timeline to have all assets converted. Account for the unknowns as well – like bad weather, additional asset manufacturing, change orders, or unforeseen extra labor.
  4. Determine budget based on the full scope of the project. Don’t forget the removal costs as well as the installation costs. To save money, we recommend you standardize the specifications of your brand treatments rather than customize each asset.
  5. Select vendors based on your project needs. Do the due diligence of researching and interviewing multiple vendors to see which ones best fit your project objectives.

Our brand conversion management service includes a detailed planning process of Assessment, Scenario Planning, and Value Engineering. We can provide you with a guaranteed cost certainty for your entire brand change project. Reach out to us at info@implement-ix.com to learn more.

Author: Caylin Asehan
Created: 3/29/2018
Category: Brand Activation

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