Part III: How to Ensure Brand Consistency (II)

Last week, we introduced you to the first step of ensuring brand consistency after planning and managing your brand activation project.

As mentioned, documenting the location, asset, brand compliance, and marketing campaign details of your brand messaging is not enough. (Need a refresher? Check out last week’s blog here.) You have to consistently monitor that messaging throughout your company.

What’s the best way to do this? Appoint someone in your organization to take the lead on it.

Step 2: Appoint a brand guardian

We recommend having your brand guardian be either a singular person or group of people that are a mix of your in-house marketing team and facilities team – rather than an agency. While your agency will help build and develop your brand story and promise, your in-house marketing and facilities teams are the actual brand owners. They see, interact with, and maintain the brand on a daily basis. The brand guardian will essentially be the go-to person (or people) that oversees your company’s brand in the physical marketplace, so choose wisely!

By using the brand messaging database from step one, the brand guardian(s) will be able to:

  • identify compliance gaps,
  • maintain brand consistency, and
  • manage all promotional messaging from start to finish.

Having ownership of the above will allow you brand guardian to ensure brand consistency throughout your company. But how exactly do can they achieve this on their own? Check back next week as we go over the final step: assign and track corrective actions.

Author: Caylin Asehan
Created: 1/25/2018
Category: Brand Consistency

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