Building Your Brand Conversion Supply Chain

Consider this scenario: Your company just announced an acquisition and, to prepare for the conversion, the executive committee develops internal teams to help complete the integration.

They choose the legal, marketing, operations, and facility employees that they believe can best fulfill their integration objectives.

These internal teams should take the same approach when managing their portion of the conversion process. This is especially true for the team that handles the rebranding of all physical touchpoints – like interior signage, exterior signage, vehicles, and marketing materials.

Take the exterior signage for example. Many businesses like to use the local sign company or the sign company that they’ve always used. But are they the best fit for your project objectives?

While it’s easy to turn to your preferred vendors, we recommend you thoroughly research and interview multiple vendors to make sure they best fit your project objectives. Find out what their strengths are, how many projects they’ve completed, how large of a project they’ve done – ask specific questions related to your project needs that will help you build the best supply chain.

With our detailed planning process, we can do this work for you. Implementix has a best-in-class network of sign manufacturers and installers that we personally vet for you, while also taking your preferred vendors into consideration. Interested in learning how we can help with your next acquisition? Reach out to us at info@implement-ix.com.

Author: Caylin Asehean
Created: 4/26/2018
Category: Brand Conversion

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