The Influence of Community Demographics on Brand Messaging

As consumers become more interested in connecting with businesses on a personal level, internal marketing teams need to come up with personalized ways to interact with them.

While digital marketing and advertising helps with this, how can businesses connect with their prospects at their retail locations? Through location-specific, hyperlocal social marketing.

In a Forbes article written by Steve Olenski titled Hyperlocal Social Marketing and What It Means for Brands, Sanjay Gupta, former CMO of Allstate, explains, “Hyperlocal social marketing allows brands to communicate to a group of individuals with similar interests in a specific community or neighborhood.” By understanding the community demographics of where your customers do business, you can create and tailor specific brand messaging that relates to them.

For example, a Colorado community bank can have several branches located throughout the state, yet each branch could fall within a different county or city. Separately, these communities have their own unique demographics so different messages are needed to relate to the customers of the individual branches.


Our brand management software, ix Touchpoint, provides businesses with the ability to breakdown the community demographics at each of their retail locations. Marketing and retail executives can tailor location-specific brand messaging and manage future outreach campaigns centrally through our application. If you’re interested in learning how ix Touchpoint can help your brand messaging needs, reach out to us at

Author: Caylin Asehan
Created: 3/22/2018
Category: Brand Management


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