Security Bank of Kansas City Case Study

To improve efficiency and recognition throughout the network, Implementix helped merge and convert seven separately chartered community banks into one.

“Look for the Leaf” BancAbility Network

Prior to the merger, the BancAbility “Look for the Leaf” brand was launched to help customers identify the seven banks in their network.

BancAbility Banks Merge Under Security Bank

With the help of Implementix, 490 signs across 44 branches were  converted 17% under budget in just two months.


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6 Reasons to Outsource Rebranding Implementation

Deciding whether or not to outsource your large rebranding project can be tough. We know there are many considerations in the mix that you need to evaluate. While we can’t make the decision for your, we can share the 6 more important reasons our clients have decided to outsource their physical assert rebranding to Implementix.

Implementix Team Dec 8 2018

To Outsource or Not Outsource?

Mergers, acquisitions, and competitive issues trigger rebranding every day. Whether it’s a new name, new logo, or other visual elements, it’s still a brand change.

Implementix Team Dec 8 2018

How to Automate Local Marketing for Brand Consistency

Keeping brand messages consistent in a true omnichannel method utilizing both in the online and physical world is a constant challenge many companies face. Marketing done at the local level by retailers or franchisees often relies on social media, digital, PPC, email, and display, because these lower-cost local marketing tactics are measurable, effective, and easy to change. Thankfully, updating local marketing in the digital world is fast and easy compared to the physical world.

Implementix Team Dec 8 2018