Part I: Planning for a Successful Brand Activation Project (IV)

You did it!

Vendor Selections

You made it to the final step of planning your brand activation project. At this point, you have:

  • Documented the details of every physical branded asset,
  • Prioritized the visibility of your branded assets, and
  • Chosen your desired treatments based on your budget

Now that you’ve picked a scenario that meets your budget, you need to find the people that can make your desired assets come to life.

Step 4: Engineer brand guidelines for vendor selections

Your creative agency or in-house branding team has probably developed a set of brand guidelines that represents how your brand should look in the marketplace. These guidelines are usually mock-up renderings that don’t have specific details of how your assets are made and what materials they’re made out of. If you were to provide these guidelines to your sign or vehicle graphic manufacturers, your costs could increase due to a lack of specifications and vendor self-interest.

With your selected treatments from step 3 in mind, it’s important to understand that there are numerous ways to make the same sign. Materials, illumination, manufacturing techniques, and construction will all influence your cost. (This is why we suggested you prioritize with A, B & C!)

By creating engineered drawings that have specific details of how each sign should be manufactured, what materials they should be made of, and what lighting they should have, your costs will be fit to your budget since manufacturers won’t be able to make pricey custom work. With these added details to your renderings, you can organize and consolidate similar asset sizes and types into a few groupings to leverage economies of scale.

And there you have it! I know what some of you may be thinking… “holy moly that seems like a lot to do!” I won’t lie to you – it is a lot! But these four steps will ensure a properly planned (and successful!) brand activation project.

Don’t have time the or energy to tackle this on your own? We can help you. Our detailed planning phase (including Assessment, Scenario Planning, and Value Engineering) allow us to provide you with a guaranteed cost certainty for the entire brand implementation project. Reach out to us here to learn how we can help you plan!

So, what’s next? Stay tuned for part two of this blog series to learn how to manage your brand activation project!

Author: Caylin Asehan
Created: 9/22/2017
Category: Brand Activation

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