How to Roll Out a Smooth Conversion for Customers and Employees

It’s your worst rebranding nightmare: The outdoor signs don’t match the indoor signs leading to the corporate offices. Employees are handing out mismatched business cards. ATMs are sporting a mix of old and new logos.

How a Brand Roll Out Impacts the Organization

When done poorly, the transition from one company name and logo to the new company name and logo confuses customers and lowers the morale of employees. When done properly, it’s a cause for celebration and a bonding experience for everyone involved.

There are many reasons a brand rollout doesn’t go smoothly:

  • Executive leadership team doesn’t champion it
  • Lack of buy-in from all divisions prior to and during the brand rollout.
  • The internal project manager is inexperienced.
  • The scope of the project is underestimated, in terms of deadlines, budget, staff, and other resources needed.
  • The company doesn’t have a detailed list of branded assets, causing some signs, uniforms, or other touchpoints to be missed.

The end results of a bumpy brand change can be bad for business:

  • Cost: A slow or poorly managed brand rollout impacts the organization’s bottom line; if multiple people are ordering signs piecemeal, it is far more expensive than ordering them in bulk.
  • Reputation Management: Consumers pay attention to how companies operate to ensure they receive the highest quality products and services, and branded assets tell a story. Mismatched or outdated logos on  are red flags that the entire company may be poorly run.
  • Staffing: A badly executed brand rollout hurts employee satisfaction. Staff members want to be proud of where they work, and a poor brand rollout leads to disorganization and miscommunication.

So how do you execute a brand rollout successfully?

  • Focus on communications. From executive leadership down to front-line employees, everyone must be kept in the loop and champion the brand rollout.
  • Have someone more experienced in charge. Rebranding doesn’t happen every year, so chances are, few of your staff members are likely to have the right experience to pull such a big undertaking off. Outsourcing to a rebranding specialist like Implementix can keep things running smoothly.
  • Balance employees’ brand rollout duties with their day-to-day workload. Bring in outside help to complete the project when needed.
  • Set realistic timelines and budgets. If you are dealing with tight regulatory deadlines, you may need to increase your budget or allocate more resources and pad timelines.
  • Use technology to monitor the brand rollout process. Missing one deadline can snowball into an avalanche of missed deadlines. Stay on top of milestones, KPIs, who is accountable, and what the backup plan is if they are missed.

5 Tips for Overcoming Resistance to Brand Change

Even if you follow the process we’ve outlined above, there’s bound to be a few people within your organization who will drag their feet on making the switch to the new branded assets.

Here are five ways ways you can make the transition easier on your team:

  • Set expectations: Make it clear that resistance to change is part of the brand change process and must be proactively dealt with to avoid escalation.
  • Early identification: Gather information and identify resisters early in the process.
  • Involvement and Buy-in: Involve stakeholders in the planning process, especially resisters.
  • Stay open-minded: Ask questions and listen carefully to resisters. They might be alerting you to real problems rather than simply being resistant to change.
  • Negotiate: Be open to offering tradeoffs rather than steamrolling over resisters struggling with the change. You’ll be lowering stress levels and creating goodwill.

If you’re still feeling overwhelmed after reading through our rollout advice, contact us to find out about how Implementix can help make your brand conversion as pain-free—and cost-effective—as possible.

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